• Leather squid served as the basis for military camouflage

  • American chemists have used squid protein to create labels stealth, able to hide soldiers from infrared cameras. Their achievements scientists will present on March 23 at the national conference of the American chemical society, says Science Daily.

    In modern uniforms is usually applied brown-green camouflage pattern, allowing the military enough to effectively hide the background foliage in the daytime. However, at night the soldiers are often vulnerable to infrared sensors.

    To solve this problem Alon Gorodetsky (Alon Gorodetsky) from the University of California, Irvine took the skin of a squid, is able to campfireusa under the countryside, waiting for prey. On the skin of the clam are special cells (iridophore), containing several layers of protein reflective. A cascade of biochemical reactions allows them to change the density and the arrangement of the layers, and that changes the reflective properties of the skin, and therefore its color.

    The group Gorodetsky has set up a special bacteria on the production reflective and coated protein dense plate. However, for color changes (similar to those that occur in Yadollah) requires a special mechanism. First, scientists have considered using vapors of acetic acid, but for actual combat conditions the reagent is too fragile and insecure.

    In the end, Gorodetsky produced films from reflecting polymer substrates: we are talking about public with duct tape. Such films can be pasted on the uniforms and camouflage mechanical functions run - through stretching.

    The scientist expects to produce rolls of inexpensive disposable film that the military will be able to get out of satchels, deploy, stick on the uniform, and then removed and discarded.

    Now Gorodetsky working to increase the flexibility of labels, and configures them for the reflection of radiation in the mid and far infrared range (which employ thermal imagers).


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