• Zenit defeated the "standard" and made it to the group stage of the Champions League

  • "Zenith" in the second leg of the play-off round of qualifications for the Champions League defeated the Belgian standard. The meeting, held in St. Petersburg at the stadium "Petrovsky" ended with the score 3:0 in favor of the Russians.

    In the first leg victory with the score 1:0 also won the Petersburgers. Thus, the blue-white-blue has won the right to participate in the group round of the most prestigious European club football tournament.

    From the first minute Zenit rushed to the attack at the gate of the guests there was a moment by moment. At the 30th minute, the hosts finally managed to open an account: Salomon Rondón close-up shot accurately head. At the end of the first half had an unpleasant episode for the Russians - the second yellow card was given to Viktor Fayzulin and Zenit were down to ten men.

    Despite the fact that the opponent was the one player more, at the beginning of the first half Igor Smolnikov earned a penalty, which clearly realized the Hulk. After four minutes, the Brazilian made a solo pass and set the final score.

    On Thursday, August 28, will be a draw, which will determine rivals Zenit and CSKA Moscow in the group stage of the Champions League.


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