• Troops in the East of Russia is given in full combat readiness

  • Division of the Eastern military district of Russia presented in the highest degree of combat readiness in the framework of a sudden verification, announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. This was reported on Friday, September 12 "Interfax" with reference to the defense Ministry.

    During the day the forces of the Eastern district, after intelligence routes, moved to the areas of dispersal. "Currently, military units BBO shall nominate a combined way, its course and railway transport, in the areas defined by the General staff", - stated in the message of the military Department.

    More than 100 aircraft and helicopters in Central and Eastern military districts redeployed to operational and alternate airports in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk and Primorskii territories. Ships and submarines of the Pacific fleet moved out of the items home and now began the deployment groups in the waters of the Okhotsk and Japan seas, added to the mod.

    Checking readiness involves about 100 thousand troops five military associations in the Eastern district of air forces and air defence forces, Pacific fleet, as well as commands long-range and Military transport aviation. Will check on 18 September.

    Sudden readiness of military units are held in Russia regularly in 2013. For example, in February - March 2014 tested all the troops of the Western military district. And in early June 2014, the alarm had been raised railway troops of the Central military district.


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