• In the "Zenith" was afraid of clashes with the fans of "Dynamo"

  • Deputy General Director of "Zenit" security Yury Fedotov on the eve of the match against Dinamo Moscow in the framework of the 7-th round of the championship of Russia admitted that the meeting falls under the category of high complexity because of the risk of collision fans of the two clubs. This was reported by "Sport-Express". The game will take place on 13 September at 18.30 Moscow time.

    "It was after matches against Dynamo at our club there are quite a lot of problems. Zenit, by interacting with the police, take all appropriate measures to protect both the team and the fans of "Dynamo"who come to St. Petersburg," said Fedotov.

    In may, the Control and disciplinary Committee of the Russian football Union (CDC RAF) gave Zenit a technical defeat with the score 0:3, was fined $ 1 million and ordered to play two home matches of the championship of Russia in an empty stadium, and was forbidden to let the audience on fan tribune ("bend") for a further three games for the incident at the match of the 29th round of the Russian championship of the season-2013/14 Zenit - Dynamo, which was ended with the score 2:4. At the end of the second half, the fans erupted on the pitch at Petrovsky stadium, and one of the fans hit him in the face Dynamo Vladimir Grenade.

    Disqualification "bend" is still valid, so, as noted Fedotov, only a small part of the active fans blue-white-blue, which will be able to purchase tickets to other sectors, will be able to attend the meeting.


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