• The network has flowed images of the future Windows 9

  • In the network appeared the screenshots of the future operating system of Microsoft-Windows 9. placed resource Winfuture.de.

    All screenshots are made in the "Desktop". As reported earlier media reports, Microsoft can make it basic, refusing default boot tiled interface of Windows 8. When this occurs, the operating system (OS) will receive multiple screens, between which the user can switch.

    Judging by the screenshots in Windows 9, the start button will become more functional: when clicked it shows the links and tiles, leading to user-selected program. In fact, it is a return to the logic of the interface used in Windows XP and 7. You can see that will be the integration of the OS with the app store and the ability to receive notifications on the taskbar".

    If the screenshots are genuine, they reflect the state of the version for developers is pretty close to that, which will be released in beta. The latter is expected on 30 September, and in April will be released the commercial version of Windows 9. Projected appearance in her voice assistant Cortana, dynamically interacting tiles (response depends on the image on the tile), the functions save and restore the backup from the cloud. Also, according to unofficial data, expected to support sverkhvysokogo 4K resolution and three-dimensional images, including smart TVs.


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