• In the development of the Far East invest 600 billion rubles

  • On territorial development advanced development (TOR) in the far East will be attracted 600 billion rubles of investments. About this informed the head According to Alexander Galushka, reports ITAR-TASS.

    According to the Minister, attraction of investments and development of TOR in the far East will begin on January 15, 2015. It is planned that in 14 TOR will be created 37 thousand high-performance workplaces.

    September 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the list of orders on state support of priority investment projects and areas of advanced development in the far East. Until October 15, the government must submit to the state Duma a draft Federal law. In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers is charged with identifying the sources of budget financing in the years 2015-2017. By March 15, 2015, the government should submit proposals for the creation of THOR on Russky island, where is located the far Eastern Federal University.

    In General, the development of the region it is planned to spend nearly 240 billion rubles from the budget, and by 2025 extra-budgetary investments in the far East to exceed three trillion rubles.


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