• The Ministry of construction said about the future of the market of ritual services

  • The Ministry of construction and housing and public utilities engaged in the production of the draft law on the regulation of the market of funeral services and funeral business. According to Deputy Minister Andrei Lapwing, the bill may be submitted to the state Duma in October.

    "We must understand that ritual thing - it is a very delicate subject. Our goal is to create a civilized and comfortable for the consumer market," said Chibis at the first meeting of the expert Council on public policy in the field of funeral business.

    According to the Agency, in the summer of 2014 Chibis noted that the condition of the market of ritual services in Russia is close to catastrophic. "What is happening now, is savagery. With this wildness need to put it mildly, to tie. I'm not talking about the state of our cemeteries, for which, frankly, ashamed," he said, in particular, the Deputy Minister on June 26 at the third North West forum of specialists funeral business.

    The power to regulate the funeral business moved to the Ministry of construction in may 2014. Until then, the market of funeral services was in charge of the construction Committee and Rosstroy.


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