• In London denied the information about the wedding date Clooney

  • The Registrar of marriages of the old town hall Chelsea Old Town Hal) in London, where, presumably, was to be married George Clooney, and Amal Alamuddin, denied that the ceremony will be held on 12 September. It is reported by The Daily Mirror.

    On the doors of the institution were placed the ad read: "George Clooney plays no wedding today (Friday, 12 September)". It was also noted that information about weddings is confidential and not subject to disclosure. Employees of the town hall also asked the media representatives, who began to gather at the building in the morning, not to interfere with other scheduled on Friday ceremonies.

    Information about what the wedding will be held here September 12, appeared in the British tabloids September 10. September 7, Clooney said that he was going to get married in the next few weeks in Italy.

    American actor and lawyer Amal Alamuddin, which protects the interests of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, became engaged in April 2014.

    Alamuddin was born in Lebanon, graduated from Oxford University and law school in new York, she is fluent in French, Arabic and English languages, in 2011, became a lawyer Assange. The company Clooney it was first seen in London in October 2013, but the pair did not deny that in a relationship.


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