• In the Kremlin called the new sanctions illegal

  • Russia regrets the introduction of new sanctions by the EU against the background of the beginning of the process of the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine and considers them illegal. As reported "Interfax", said on Thursday, September 11, the President's press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

    "Repeatedly expressed his disagreement and misunderstanding about the sanctions that were adopted previously, and thought, and consider them to be illegal," said Sands. The decision adopted by the European Union, according to assistant to the President, "absolutely defies understanding and explanation on the background of the efforts undertaken by Russia to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

    Sanctions, as acknowledged Sands, "will bring discomfort" of Russia. However, he said, "one way or another to pay the bills for these sanctions have and European companies, as well as the taxpayers."

    However, Russia will continue to make efforts to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and the implementation of the peace plan, adopted in Minsk, added the spokesman of the President.

    On Friday come into force new sanctions against Russia the European Union. Brussels intends to restrict access to the capital market of the EU for three Russian defense enterprises and three energy companies. The new package of sanctions will be imposed against major Russian state-owned banks, as well as a 24 physical violence. Measures will not affect the gas sector.

    The foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation the decision of the European Union called "inappropriate and short-sighted" and said that the new sanctions will not remain unanswered.


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