• In Georgia have arrested the son of Aslan Abashidze

  • In Batumi police arrested George Abashidze - son of the former head of the Adjara region in South-West Georgia), Aslan Abashidze. It is reported "News-Georgia".

    Abashidze Jr., according to the TV channel "Rustavi-2" was arrested on Thursday evening, September 11, with the purpose of drug testing. "We all sat in the "Fan-Fane" (café in Batumi) and have already decided to leave... When we left, drove the car, it took three police officers and told George that he went down with them," he told his friend Nino honoraria.

    Examination, according to the Georgian interior Ministry, confirmed that Abashidze was under the influence of drugs. In this regard, he was fined 500 lari (about 10 thousand rubles).

    Himself Abashidze, as told his lawyer Ramin, Phpize, said that the police were rude and didn't explain to him his rights. He also believes that he was detained because of someone's "personal interest".

    The day before, as it became known, the police stopped three cars, which were friends Abashidze. They also took on a drug test. Examination revealed no drugs in their bodies, the detainees were released.

    The family of Aslan Abashidze, as noted by the "news-Georgia", left Adjara in 2004. This was preceded by the conflict, the then head of the Adjara with the new leadership of Georgia, headed by Mikhail Saakashvili, who came to power after the "rose revolution". Abashidze eventually resigned and left Georgia, moved to Russia. At home it had filed a criminal case on a number of charges. In 2007, the former head of Adjara was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

    The son of Aslan Abashidze, George, last held the post of mayor of Batumi. In Georgia, he returned in March 2014. The Ministry of interior of the Republic, as reported, then stated that the grounds for his detention there.


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