• In Dobryanka home Fox attacked paralyzed child

  • Home Fox bit paralyzed eight-year-old girl in the city Dobryanka, Perm Krai. Child, sick with cerebral palsy, unable to call adults. She was taken to the intensive care unit with severe wounds, now her life is not in danger, according to "Dobriansky town portal". The incident occurred on September 27, but we know it became known about it just now.

    As told to journalists by the police, the child received a deep wound in the left elbow, multiple bites of the legs and other injuries. According to the chief doctor dobrianka hospital Gregory Makarov, "the ambulance workers cried, looking at the girl". In the hospital she immediately amputated finger, so as to save him was impossible. Currently, the girl's condition improved, she was transferred to the surgical Department. Meanwhile, the mother of the victim was taken from his apartment not only Fox, which will go to one of the Moscow nursery, but a dog with a cat.

    The accident occurred in one of the city apartments, when the girl's mother left her for the night in the care of their friends. One of them inadvertently released from the closed room decorative Fox, which after some time had attacked the child.

    According to police, the family, where the accident occurred, was registered in the juvenile Department, as the mother was neglecting parental duties and abused alcohol. Recently, however, claims it was not.


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