• Birthday Putin suggested to celebrate "polite people"

  • In the state Duma proposed to establish a new holiday - Day "polite people". This initiative was made by the leader of the Russian party of pensioners for justice Igor Zotov, Izvestia reports.

    The new festival will be dedicated to the military, who watched the security during the referendum in Crimea. Zotov noted that the initiative to create a new holiday appeared after numerous appeals of citizens with gratitude "polite people".

    "The inhabitants of the Crimean Peninsula still remember the "quiet heroism" people in masks. The whole world saw only their eyes - the good, quiet and a little wistful... So the Crimeans had no fear, which is usually experienced by people when they see someone with a weapon, they are not afraid of the truth. "Polite people" carried with them the world. They called the citizens ' trust and sense of security," reads the explanatory note to the bill. The idea of the MP, the holiday is supposed to symbolize the rebirth of the unity of the country.

    Day "polite people" should be noted on 7 October. On the same day, celebrates his birthday Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    March 16, in the Crimea held a referendum on joining Russia, the majority of respondents supported this initiative. The authorities of the Republic have signed an agreement with the Russian Federation, after which the Crimea and Sevastopol became the new Russian regions.


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