• In Brazil appeared illuminated by the energy of a football field

  • In Rio de Janeiro opened the football field, which is illuminated by using the kinetic energy generated by the players themselves. This was reported by "Soviet sport". At the opening of unique sites visited legendary Brazilian footballer Pele.

    Under the lawn are two hundred small plates, which accumulate energy produced by moving across the field by the players. During the day they help solar panels installed around the field. Thus, in football there you can play around the clock, without energy costs.

    Such panels built into the floor of some train stations in Europe shopping centers in Australia and London Heathrow airport, but for the construction of football fields have been applied for the first time.

    In the summer of 2014 Brazil took the 20th FIFA world Cup. The matches of the world Cup was held from 12 June to 13 July 12 stadiums in 12 cities across the country. The title was won by the German team.


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      CSKA left in "the ending of four" Euroleague

      CSKA Moscow beat Spain's "Basque country" in the third match of the playoffs of the Euroleague and went to the Final four of the tournament.The meeting was held in Vitoria and ended with the victory of the red-blue — 90:88. In the first half of the Spaniards the lead but after the break CSKA broke the game and won the match in a tense ending.

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      Trying to get away from the ball girl judge sat on the twine during the match

      The girl-the judge serving a match of the women's youth football championship of Iowa, an original way evaded her flying in the direction of the ball. The ball flew in the direction of the referee, she's trying to avoid contact, sat on the twine. As a result, the ball passed over her, and the meeting continued.

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      "Spartak" has beaten "Ural" in the championship of Russia

      Moscow "Spartak" beat Ekaterinburg Ural in the match of the 25th round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL). The meeting was held on Tuesday, April 25, at the stadium "Open arena" in Moscow and ended with the victory of red-and-white with minimal score 1:0. The decisive goal was scored by midfielder Fernando.

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      Le Pen expressed the desire to have peaceful relations with USA and Russia

      The candidate in presidents of France from the "National front" marine Le Pen said that he wants to have peaceful relations with all countries, including USA and Russia. According to Le Pen, she believes that a multi-polar world. "I respect all Nations," she said.

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      Ivanka trump has denied the rumors about her impact on the decision of the father to strike on Syria

      The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump Ivanka said that did not influence the decision of his father to launch a missile attack on the Syrian air base "Sirat". According to her, he divided her point of view, however, the order to strike "retaliation" was given after consultations at the highest levels in the government.

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