• Ukraine will be without Russian gas under a warm winter

  • Ukraine will be able to do without do without Russian gas under the condition that next winter will be warm. As reported RIA Novosti, said energy Minister Yuriy Prodan. He noted that Kyiv is looking for vendors for possible import of coal.

    "Deficiency may occur depending on the temperature. But we now have certain capabilities of reverse gas supplies from Europe, and in certain circumstances we may run out of gas," said Sold. According to him, if necessary to increase the amount it will be possible "only if "Gazprom" will go to the European principles on the gas market". Meanwhile, the Russian concern ignores these principles, he added.

    August 22, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the country will not be able to live without Russian gas. According to him, Kyiv needs to buy from Moscow about 5 billion cubic meters of blue fuel.

    From March 25, 2014 Naftogaz of Ukraine" has ceased to make payments for consumed Russian gas. On August 1, 2014 total amount of debt of the Ukrainian company to Gazprom for gas deliveries (excluding debt liabilities under "take-or-pay") was approximately at 5,296 billion dollars. Of them 1,451 billion for November-December 2013 and approximately 3,845 billion dollars in the April-June 2014.

    "Gazprom on June 16, took the decision to move Ukraine to the prepayment of the gas delivered due to accumulated debts. From that moment on gas supplies GTS limited to European countries transiting the Ukraine's gas for themselves does not.


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