• Scholarship established in the name of the co-founder of Yandex Ilya Segalovich

  • "Yandex" has established a scholarship named after co-founder Ilya Segalovich. This is stated in the message of the company.

    It is intended for students and postgraduates of the faculty of computer Sciences of the Higher school of Economics and Yandex (faculty founded the company "Yandex"). The scholarship will be a success in their studies and research activities with first year students who are interested in technology at the intersection of science, may conduct their projects and publish the results in Russian and international scientific journals.

    According to Elena Bunino, head of the Department of ergraduate and personnel management "Yandex"in the first year of 180 budget areas of computer science faculty of Economics and Yandex applied 330 winners of competitions, then the Higher school of Economics took the decision to increase the number of budget places. The decision on granting scholarships is made by the tender Committee, which includes faculty members, including developers of "Yandex".

    The first scholarship will be determined by the results of the first half in the first birthday of the faculty April 1, 2015. Scholarships will be paid within one year from the date of their award.

    According to the report, only to scholarships in 2015/2016 year 3,42 million rubles. This money will go to ten scholarships for undergraduate students, three scholarships for graduate students and three scholarships for graduate students. The monthly stipend is 15, 20 and 25 thousand rubles, respectively. In the future, when the new students of the faculty becomes larger, the number of scholarships may be increased.

    The co-founder of Yandex Ilya Segalovich died in July last year at the age of 49 years. In 1993-1996, the leader of the group of companies "Yandex" Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich on the basis that they created classifiers developed search technology unstructured information with regard to the Russian language, called "Yandex". In 2000 Segalovich was one of the founders of the company "Yandex". He was Director of technology and development.


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