• Killer three students escaped from an American prison

  • American teen Tee Jay lane (T.J. Lane), sentenced to three consecutive life sentence for murder in 2012, three students in Ohio, escaped from a prison in the city of Lima. It is reported by the Los Angeles Times.

    19-year-old lane and his 45-year-old cellmate Clifford Earl Opperud escaped Thursday night. Another prisoner, who had also disappeared, soon managed to hold. The details of the incident to the police did not disclose. Currently being wanted criminals: the guards combing the surrounding settlements and forests.

    As noted by former attorney lane Jan Friedman, the fugitive is extremely dangerous. "Nobody wants to go back to prison to serve a life sentence. In addition, the facts speak for themselves", - posted by he's on Twitter.

    February 27, 2012, the lane opened fire in the school cafeteria in the city of Chardon. Before he was arrested, he managed to produce ten shots, killing three and wounding two people.

    Teenager he studied at the special school for children with poor academic performance. After his arrest, he was appointed psychiatric examination, which found him sane, even though the defendant from time to time pursued hallucinations and psychosis. Lane even first tried to make excuses, because he believed himself not quite mentally healthy.

    In February 2013 lane pleaded guilty. On the court he was in a t-shirt, on which the handle was showing "killer" (killer).


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