• The CIA has estimated the number of militants of the Islamic state "

  • The CIA stated that the parties "Islamic state" in Syria and in Iraq are fighting more than 30 thousand people. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the interview to the press-Secretary of the Central intelligence Agency Ryan Trapani.

    According to him, in may the number of Islamists was about 10 thousand people, but in the summer, the group intensified its recruitment of new fighters. According to the new estimates, in the ranks of the "Islamic state" has 31500 well-trained militants, which can be used to conduct large-scale operations. The army Islamists fighting citizens 81 countries, among them dozens of Americans, at least 130 Canadians and five subjects of the United Kingdom.

    U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday unveiled a new strategy to fight against "Islamic state". He stated that he would not enter Iraq American troops, instead, the U.S. air force will increase the intensity of air strikes. While Obama said that Washington wants to create and lead a broad coalition in the fight against militants in Syria and Iraq.


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    • 10:53 am on Tuesday 28th March 2017  /  Мир
      The President of Iraq announced the suspension of operations in West Mosul

      Operation in Western Mosul has been suspended, to find it "more acceptable ways". This was stated by the President of Iraq Fuad Masum. The President also noted the need to investigate the errors of the us military committed in the course of attacks in Iraq, including in Mosul.

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      Australia hit tropical storm "Debby"

      On the coast of the Australian state of Queensland was hit by tropical storm "Debbie." Video from the scene publishes Ruptly. Gusts of wind reached 263 kilometers per hour. In Bowen there is no electricity, and the residents of Airlie beach write in social networks that some of the houses stagger the roof. Over 25 thousand people are evacuated.

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    • 9:50 am on Tuesday 28th March 2017  /  Мир
      Russia has offered to repeat in Mosul experience the liberation of Aleppo

      Moscow hopes that during the military operation in the Iraqi city of Mosul apply the same responsible approach as in the liberation of the Syrian city of Aleppo in December last year. This is stated in a statement posted on the website of the permanent mission of Russia to the UN.

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      Venezuela will introduce a new system of currency exchange

      Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the introduction in the country from next week a new system of currency exchange. According to its rules, will be weekly held two auctions, which will sell foreign currencies state-owned enterprises and the private sector, including banks.

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      The TV series "True detective" will be continued

      The American channel HBO launched the third season of "True detective". Over the continuation of the work is the writer and producer of the previous season, Nick Pizzolatto together with David Milham, who worked on the series "Deadwood", "Fart" and "Blues hill street". Pizzolatto, and milch has prepared a script of the first episodes.

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      Tourists are promised a salary of 10 thousand dollars for a vacation in luxury villas

      American company ThirdHome involved in the organization of elite rest, is looking for temporary employee for the position of travel blogger. The company promises to pay 10 thousand dollars a month for the work that she calls "world's best": travel around the world with accommodation in luxury villas.

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