• The CIA has estimated the number of militants of the Islamic state "

  • The CIA stated that the parties "Islamic state" in Syria and in Iraq are fighting more than 30 thousand people. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the interview to the press-Secretary of the Central intelligence Agency Ryan Trapani.

    According to him, in may the number of Islamists was about 10 thousand people, but in the summer, the group intensified its recruitment of new fighters. According to the new estimates, in the ranks of the "Islamic state" has 31500 well-trained militants, which can be used to conduct large-scale operations. The army Islamists fighting citizens 81 countries, among them dozens of Americans, at least 130 Canadians and five subjects of the United Kingdom.

    U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday unveiled a new strategy to fight against "Islamic state". He stated that he would not enter Iraq American troops, instead, the U.S. air force will increase the intensity of air strikes. While Obama said that Washington wants to create and lead a broad coalition in the fight against militants in Syria and Iraq.


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    • 2:30 pm on Monday 27th February 2017  /  Мир
      Bild announced the execution by Islamists of a German hostage in the Philippines

      Islamic terrorist group "Abu Sayyaf" published video of execution, presumably of a German hostage, 70-year-old Jurgen K. the Militants demanded for kidnapped German citizen a ransom of 30 million pesos (about 570 thousand euros). In captivity Islamists the man was 6 last November.

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      American witch tried to remove trump from the government

      American witches and wizards held rituals with the aim to impeach the President of the United States Donald trump. Simultaneous session of witchcraft were held in different regions of the country: the occult burned photos of the President and read their spells. The wizards intend to hold similar sessions on a regular basis.

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      Chinese copy of tower bridge raised the IRE of the residents of Suzhou

      A copy of the London tower bridge, built in the Chinese city of Suzhou, has caused discontent of local residents. Many call it the social networks are one of the worst facilities in China, others write that this building gives them a sense of shame. However, there are those who believe that a copy of the bridge better than the original.

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      Kudrin proposed to introduce a KPI for the regional security officials

      The head of the Board, former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has proposed to introduce for law enforcement targets their impact on potential economic growth in the regions. The subjects of the Federation should have greater autonomy in financial management, he said.

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      Vice-speaker of the Duma saw the change in the attitude of the PACE in Russia

      In the international arena became less of a cliché in relation to Russia, says Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy. This opinion was expressed on the basis of participation of the Russian delegation to the OSCE PA. "Receding into the past somewhat hysterical tone of our colleagues from Ukraine, the Baltic States and Poland", — said the Deputy.

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      Khloponin called optimal minimum price of vodka

      Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin, who oversees the alcohol market, called the possible minimum price of a bottle of vodka. The official said that the cost of alcohol will discuss at the next Commission in the government, in his opinion, it is necessary to establish at the level of 215 rubles per half liter.

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