• Stas Mikhailov refused concerts in Ukraine

  • Russian singer Stas Mikhailov refused to hold concerts in Ukraine. He said this in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking". His decision Merited artist of Russia explained what is happening in the South-East of the country events.

    Mikhailov said that Ukraine is now experiencing a "great tragedy". "I want it all stopped, that was the world", - said the singer. He also added that he was close to the position of President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

    Many representatives of the Russian platform Express their attitude to what is happening in Ukraine events. So, in early August, Andrey Makarevich at the invitation of the President of the Foundation volunteers of Ukraine Timothy Nagorno went touring in the Donbass. After this, the deputies of the state Duma proposed to deprive him of all titles and the order "For merits before Fatherland".


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      The Director of the Circus on Fontanka Michael Smorodkin dismissed from his post on 5 December, Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Alexander Zhuravsky, explaining that this was done during the development of the optimal solution of the problem of the occurrence of the St. Petersburg circus in the General system of the state circus.

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