• The U.S. will impose new sanctions against Russia

  • Washington will accept new restrictions against Moscow. They will affect the energy, financial and defense sectors. If Russia will fulfill its obligations in accordance with the Minsk agreement, the White house may withdraw sanctions. As reported in Thursday, September 11, Agence France-Presse, said President Barack Obama.


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    • 4:42 pm on Wednesday 28th June 2017  /  Мир
      DPRK authorities have promised death the former President of South Korea

      DPRK authorities have promised to impose a death sentence on former President of South Korea and the head of intelligence of the country, Lee Byung-Ho in plotting the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. This is stated in a joint statement, the Ministry of public security, the national security Ministry and Prosecutor General's office

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    • 4:31 pm on Wednesday 28th June 2017  /  Мир
      In Venezuela, the people attacked the constituent Assembly

      A group of people attacked the deputies of the constituent Assembly of Venezuela in Caracas. Came to the entrance of the rebels set fire to the fireworks and sent them to the side of the building. As a result of clashes injured two women legislator. In the country there are protests due to the catastrophic economic crisis.

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    • 4:00 pm on Wednesday 28th June 2017  /  Мир
      The accident subway train in new York city suffered 34 people

      At least 34 people were injured in the accident on one of the subway lines in new York. Reportedly, derailed two carriages of the train. The incident began smoke, several victims have poisoned with burning products. About half the injured were hospitalized.

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    • 4:54 pm on Wednesday 28th June 2017  /  Крым
      In the Crimea adjacent to the emergency structures beaches are considered ready for the season

      In the Crimean village of Nikolaevka beaches adjacent to emergency designs, recognized ready for the season. Such a verdict is rendered, the deputies of the state Council of the Republic, visited the settlement in the framework of the day of the Simferopol area. At the end of may in the Council of Ministers of Crimea has recognized that adequate training of the beaches did not fulfill any one district.

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    • 4:52 pm on Wednesday 28th June 2017  /  Бывший СССР
      In the SBU called the name of the deceased in a mine explosion in Donetsk region, Colonel

      With the explosion of a car with employees of the security Service of Ukraine in Donetsk region killed Colonel Yuri voznyi. "The preliminary version of cause of death — the undermining of the car. Another three people are in hospital with injuries of varying severity. The investigation was conducted by the military Prosecutor's office", — stated in the message.

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    • 4:52 pm on Wednesday 28th June 2017  /  Финансы
      Weekly inflation in Russia stood at 0.1 percent

      Inflation in Russia in the period from 20 to 26 June was 0.1 percent, this rate remains unchanged for the fifth week in a row. Since the beginning of the year, consumer prices rose 2.1 percent, according to Rosstat. The cost of fruits and vegetables increased by an average of two percent.

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