• The U.S. will give the Czech Republic reconnaissance drones

  • USA will donate a Czech military party reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles ScanEagle production company Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing. According to the Prague Post with a link to the newspaper Lidové noviny, the machines will be used including for the protection of the American military base in Bagram, Afghanistan.

    According to representatives of the Czech General staff Yana Ruzickova, which quotes the edition, spring in Afghanistan will send one unmanned complex. The composition of the complex includes 10 aircraft.

    To work with drones Czechs will prepare 16 members of the 102nd regiment reconnaissance battalion. In addition ScanEagle reconnaissance will use American units RQ-11 Raven, bought in 2009, as well as Israeli Skylark II.

    ScanEagle UAV is adopted in more than a dozen countries, including USA, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. It weighs from 14 to 18 pounds, at speeds up to 148 kilometers per hour and can continuously stay in the air for more than a day.


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