• The U.S. secret service threatened Yahoo! daily fines of $ 250 thousand

  • The U.S. government forced the Internet search engine Yahoo! open access to confidential data of the user, threatening daily to penalize the company for 250 thousand dollars. This is stated in the message, posted in Thursday, September 11, in the official blog search engine.

    The company published 1,5 thousand pages of documents related to a legal lawsuit against the national security Agency (NSA) of the United States. The Representative Of Yahoo! Ron bell in the comments to the documents explained that the claims of the authorities to search engine appeared in 2007 after the U.S. law was amended, which require Internet companies information about users.

    Yahoo! as noted by bell, refused to comply with the requirements of the NSA, arguing that they violate the Constitution, and filed on power in the court to oversee the activities of foreign intelligence services, where after 1.5 years of litigation was defeated. "At one point, the U.S. government threatened to presentation of a fine of 250 thousand dollars a day, if we do not obey," said bell.

    The NSA program PRISM demanded Yahoo! to provide metadata about the users of its e-mail, allowing you to track, among whom is the exchange of messages and when. Access to the letters of the secret service, as stated in the company, was not.

    In summer 2013, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Linked-In went to court for control of external U.S. intelligence after through the activities of Edward Snowden became aware of their cooperation with the NSA under the PRISM program for the surveillance of Internet users. The company was required to allow them to publish detailed statistics on requests from the intelligence services about the data of their users.

    In February 2014, thanks to agreements with the U.S. Department of justice IT company published the statistics of requests special services for the first half of 2013.

    on 10 September it became known that dozens of major U.S. Internet companies have prepared a letter to congressmen urging them to pass a law protecting the confidentiality of private correspondence.


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