• Advisor Avakov has offered to teach shooting teenagers

  • Adviser to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko advocated the introduction of courses of military training for teenagers. It is reported by the TV station BTB.

    "We need to strengthen our defenses in all its directions. Including, for example, to begin to nurture respect for military duty, military duty with the school years. As it was set up in the Soviet Union and was undeservedly forgotten, " said Gerashchenko. - I would place the Ministry of education has introduced the course of the young fighter, taught to shoot with 12-13 years of our children and fostered respect for the army, as it is in the same U.S. army".

    Earlier, the Ministry of education of Ukraine reported, some schools in the current academic year introduced a course on the subject of "homeland Protection". In this course, students are introduced, in particular, from compulsory service, action in emergency situations and in war.

    The decision to conduct such studies, as noted by the Deputy head of the Department of General secondary and pre-school education Sergey dyatlenko, educational institutions themselves. Statistics about this office does not.

    From spring 2014, amid conflict around the Crimea (the transition in Russia official Kyiv considers annexation) and military operations in the Donets basin in Ukraine were conducted mobilization. In addition, was restored compulsory military conscription (his former leadership of Ukraine has cancelled last year). Were also organized courses of military training for citizens.

    From April on the East of Ukraine continued hostilities between militias and Ukrainian troops. In Kiev say that on the side of the militias fighting Russian soldiers, in this regard, the Ukrainian side accuses Russia of military invasion. In Moscow deny it. In early September, the conflicting parties agreed to a truce.


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