• Media announced the acquisition of Paris by terrorists of weapons over the Internet

  • According to the information of the investigating authorities in Germany, which are investigating the attacks in Paris, terrorists in perpetrating attacks used machines purchased from the arms dealer through the Internet. This writes the German newspaper Bild. It is noted that the militants brought order from Germany.

    For information Reuters, during the attack on the capital of France, the attackers used Kalashnikovs. In particular, in the Paris suburb of Montreuil, the police found the car, which as believes a consequence, the terrorists traveled through the streets and shot passers-by and visitors of the cafe. In the car were found three Kalashnikov assault rifles.

    On the night of November 14th in Paris there was a series of terrorist attacks. Suicide bombers staged a series of explosions, including one near the "Stade de France" during a football match, opened fire at several restaurants and took hostages in the theater "Bataclan". As a result of attacks killed 130 people, injured more than 350. Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group "Islamic state" (banned in Russia by a court decision).


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