• Rogozin opposed the production of the Russian courts abroad

  • Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during a visit on Saturday, February 28, construction shipyard Zvezda in Primorye stated that all orders for construction of new ships for the Russian Navy in the future must be implemented at the enterprises of the country. It is reported "Interfax".

    "The idea is to create a single state order for all shipbuilding is not only for defense, but also mining, passenger, icebreakers and other types of marine equipment. We need to calculate all the years. And in any case do not show the orders for construction outside the country. It is better to suspend offshore development than ordering technique abroad", - said Rogozin.

    13 November 2014 at a meeting on the establishment of a shipyard on the base of the plant "Zvezda" Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the state of Affairs at the start of the shipyard. According to him, it is necessary to create a package of orders shipyard for the period up to 2018 for civil projects.

    The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov the meeting stated that the first orders will be provided by the company "Rosneft" - from supply vessels to small tankers.

    Far East plant "Zvezda" (Big Stone) is a leading shipbuilding complex in the East of Russia, specializing in the repair, conversion and modernization of nuclear submarines. On the base of the plant is currently implementing a project to create a modern complex for the construction of civil ships and oil platforms. Investments in this project are estimated at 111 billion rubles, of which 27.5 billion are allocated from the Federal budget.


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