• Putin has asked to postpone the compulsory certification of cars

  • The Russian trade Union of railway workers and transport builders ("Reprisal") addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a request to delay the start of the procedure of mandatory certification of rolling stock. The request contained in the letter signed by the Chairman of the "Reprofile" Nikolay Nikiforov, which is at the disposal of "Heathcliff".

    The Union noted that in the coming years certification will have more than 300 thousand freight cars. "Reprisal" was cited as an example of a state of the Customs Union, which certification shall be subject only to new or upgraded wagons. In addition, in some countries of the CIS is a simplified certification process. "And only in the Russian Federation now introduced the certification of rolling stock, the service life is extended through planned repairs", - said in the letter.

    According to the Union, this will increase the cost of Russian enterprises, and create competitive advantages for foreign owners and operators of rolling stock. "The increased costs will inevitably lead to the increase of transportation costs, which ultimately affect the welfare of the majority of ordinary citizens of Russia," warn "Reprofile" and add that mandatory certification could lead to the closure of 40 repair railway enterprises and reduction of 15 thousand employees.

    31 July, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed resolution mandatory certification of freight cars, past the lifetime extension. The requirement applies to freight and passenger cars, urban transport.


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