• Putin and Poroshenko has bypassed the terms of the cease fire in Ukraine

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the talks with his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko positive reports RIA Novosti. He noted that during the meeting, which lasted about two hours, not to discuss the terms of the ceasefire in the South-East of Ukraine.

    "We, Russia, can't talk about any conditions, possible agreements between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk. We can only help to create a climate of trust in the course of this possible and necessary, in my opinion, the negotiation process. So we talked about it," said Putin.

    The President said that Russia will do everything necessary for the peace process and stop the bloodshed in Ukraine. He stressed that "this process should begin as soon as possible", which will gather in Minsk contact group. "We talked about the possibility and the need to provide humanitarian assistance to the Donetsk and Lugansk, agreed on how we will work in this direction", - said Putin.

    He also expressed the hope that the West will be respectful of measures that Russia takes to protect its economy. "Our partners need to think everything through, to take an appropriate solution with respect we will treat any choice of our European colleagues, the Ukrainian partners. I hope that they are with the same respect will treat our measures for the protection of his interests", - noted the head of state.

    Putin said during the meeting was discussed and the gas issue, when discussing which side came to the conclusion that it is necessary to resume the dialogue on energy", because the parties are on the dead end". "We comply fully with all conditions of the contract. We can't even make some suggestions on benefits due to the fact that Ukraine has addressed in arbitration court in Stockholm. All of our actions on benefits can be used in court" - quoted ITAR-TASS the head of state.

    In addition, the President of Russia commented on the incident with the Russian paratroopers, who were detained by the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) at the border crossing. "I have not yet received the report from the Ministry of defence. As far as I know, they patrolled the border and could be on Ukrainian territory," - said the head of state. He noted that the Russian side had previously been dozens of Ukrainian military. He expressed the hope that the problems in this situation.


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