• Opponents branch of Scotland was again in most

  • The number of opponents of Scottish independence during the week before the referendum, which again exceeded the number of those who are in favour of separation from great Britain. About Sky News reported, citing a survey company YouGov.

    The study, conducted Tuesday through Thursday by order of the Newspapers the Times and The Sun, showed that for Scottish independence are the 48% of the population, against 52%. A poll conducted a week earlier, for the first time showed that supporters of the secession of Scotland from the United Kingdom were most: then in the Department of autonomy made 51 percent of respondents.

    In the YouGov survey participated 1268 persons entitled to vote at the referendum. It is worth noting that from another study published on Thursday by the company Survation, it follows that for separation from great Britain are 47% of Scots.

    The referendum on Scottish independence to be held on 18 September 2014. If the majority of the population will vote for secession from the United Kingdom, Scotland will become an independent state, although it will remain in a personal Union with great Britain.

    Earlier, British Prime Minister David Cameron urged the Scots in the upcoming referendum to vote against separation from the United Kingdom, promising autonomy more rights if she will remain part of the UK.


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