• Against the leadership of the travel Agency "southern Cross" opened a case

  • The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) opened a criminal case on the fact of suspension of the activities of the tourist company "southern Cross travel". This "Lente.ru" said Agency spokesman Vladimir Markin.

    According to Markin, proceedings were instituted under article "fraud". Presumably, as a result of illegal financial transactions affected tens of thousands of people.

    According to investigators, the owner of the "southern cross" had large debts to their partners that they could not afford to pay from their own funds. The company had no real capacity to meet all obligations to customers, but continued to sell tickets. In the end, the citizens who paid for tours or could not go on vacation, or timely return. According to preliminary data, the amount of damage can amount to several hundred million rubles.

    The investigators will study the financial performance of the company, check its legitimacy and establish the exact amount of damage. employees RCDS intend to bring to justice all perpetrators among owners and managers of LLC "southern Cross travel".

    Tour operator southern Cross travel" announced the suspension of activity due to the inability to meet its obligations to tourists and customers" on 10 September. According to the Russian Union of travel industry, abroad are now about 5.8 to thousands of customers.


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