• The production is superior in hardness to the diamond fullerite put on stream

  • Developed a new method for the synthesis of ultratango fullerite, which hardness is superior to the diamond. Way to synthesize this material, described by Russian scientists from the Technological Institute for superhard and novel carbon materials, Troitsk, Moscow, MISIS and MSU in the journal Carbon. Briefly with the findings of scientists can be found on the website MIPT.

    Scientists have shown that when creating a material adding to the mixture of reagents of serovera plays the role of a catalyst in the synthesis of fullerite. Due to serogate education valuable superhard material becomes possible at a sufficiently small pressure of 8 GPA (GPA), and at room temperature, while previous attempts to synthesize the fullerite at 13 GPA required heat over 820 degrees Celsius.

    In the article the researchers note that the diamond is not the hardest material. Natural diamonds have a hardness of about 150 GPA, while ultratiny fullerite, occupying first place in the list of most solid materials, has a hardness from 150 to 300 HPa.

    Ultratone is all the materials that are superior in hardness to the diamond


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