• Travel on the Moscow metro will rise in price

  • Fares will rise in the Moscow metro in the next year by 4-5 percent. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the first Deputy head of the Moscow Department of transport Hamid Bulatov.

    "Will index just below inflation and below the level of real disposable wages. Planned is still an option, from what period to index next year. Growth will not exceed 4 to 5 percent," said Bulatov.

    The last time Moscow metro rate schedule was changed on 1 January 2014, the previous rise in the cost of travel dates from January 1, 2011. Then the ticket price increased by two roubles to 28 rubles.


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      The number of victims of the hurricane in Moscow was closer to 140, said "At the moment the medical assistance needed to victims 137. This number is not final," — said in the emergency services of the capital. Confirmed information about the death of 11 people.

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