• The draft regulation on the Scientific-coordination Council agreed wounds and FANO

  • The Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO Russia) and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) agreed on a draft regulation on the Scientific-coordination Council (NCC). The document can be signed as soon as next week, according to a press release FANO Russia received in the editorial office of "Heathcliff".

    Held the third meeting of the working group on the formation of the coordinating Research Council under the Federal Agency of scientific organizations. It was attended by representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and FANO. The meeting discussed the final version of the draft provisions on AUC. In particular, representatives of the Academy and the Agency has considered the question of the composition of the Bureau at AUC, which will solve the current issues of the Council. Participants from the Russian Academy of Sciences proposed editorial revision to the draft regulation: to include in the document a clause stating that the Bureau may include not only members of the AUC, and other interested persons. Michael Kotyukov head FANO, participated in the meeting, agreed with the initiative of academicians.

    A separate issue was discussed selection criteria for young academics in the AUC. By the Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Ivanov received a proposal to limit the Scientific-coordination Council on academic youth representatives who have a doctoral degree. Kotyukov voted against. According to the latter, in this paragraph you want to leave unchanged the current version of the draft regulation, which States that the Research coordination Council can get PhD to 35 years inclusive at the time of approval as part of the BS.

    Most of the meeting participants was paid to the discussion of the structure of the sections of the BS. According to the scientific Secretary of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences Igor Sokolov, it is necessary to abandon the idea of partitions to limit the possibility of creating a temporary working groups to address issues of varying scientific subjects. "Division by sections and categories - Moscow, regions, young scientists, and so forth, while trying to limit the composition of the Board a reasonable number, 30 people, will lead to the fact that we will have the complexity of this conglomerate of scientists to balance," said Sokolov. It is wiser to select two people from each of the 13 departments in the fields of Sciences, the academician believes.

    The head of the FANO felt that if the proposal Sokolova. The AUC may arise organizational complexity. In particular, according to Kotukova, each question will have to collect the AUC in full force, which can be problematic for regional representatives. In turn, when the existence of six thematic Sections, each of which consists of five people, a number of respected people, which will detract from the scientific work is much lower. As a compromise it was decided to map the organizational structure of the Section, starting from departments and develop FANO Russia Single scientific classification.

    Scientific-coordination Council shall be formed in accordance with clause 5 of the resolution of the government of the Russian Federation of October 25, 2013 No. 959 "On the Federal Agency of scientific organizations". The purpose of the NCC is to establish effective interaction between the Agency and its scientific institutions with the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is assumed that the BS will include Russian scientists conducting research at a recognized global level.

    Previously, after signing the agreement on cooperation between FANO and wounds, Ivanov said that in the future there will be signed a series of documents and the first in the list will be the position on the scientific Advisory Board of the Agency.


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