• The Embassy of Canada caught a Danish newspaper in the distortion of the words of foreign Minister

  • In the canadian Embassy in Russia said that foreign Minister John Baird was not talking about the plans for the application of Canada's military forces against Russia in the event of a possible conflict in the Arctic. This is stated in the letter from the Embassy received by the editors "Lenta.ru".

    In a statement the Embassy emphasizes that the bard spoke about the strategic priority of canadian sovereignty in the Arctic for the country and that the government is ready to "protect and encourage him."

    Information about the readiness of Canada for a possible military conflict previously published in the Danish newspaper Berlingske. In the canadian Embassy stressed that the journalists misinterpreted the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the country. In the literature it was reported that, according to Baird, Canada is concerned about the capacity of the Russian military capabilities in the Arctic, and, if necessary, Ottawa is willing to use force to protect its sovereignty in the region.

    Russia and Canada are applying for an extension of their continental shelf due to the underwater Lomonosov ridge. In Ottawa it is also extremely painful perceive the extension of the Russian military presence in the Arctic and has already planned the construction of a new military training center and marine infrastructure. Since 2008, Canada has in the Arctic, regular exercises of the armed forces, as the goal of which is to protect the country's sovereignty in the Far North. Russia on maneuvers Ottawa fundamentally not invites.


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