• Poland regained reverse gas to Ukraine

  • Polish gas company Gaz System has resumed gas supplies to Ukraine, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the press service of the company. The gas is passed through the item Guarded in the direction of Ukraine in accordance with the customer order.

    Earlier Gaz System was forced to stop reverse to Ukraine in connection with the reduction of gas supplies from Russia. Supply volume has fallen by almost half.

    September 12 on reducing the volume of the resulting fuel has also stated Austria, represented by the local gas company OMV. Delivery Slovak SPP fell by almost 10 percent. Gazprom, however, denied all the accusations, stating that it continues to supply gas to Europe in the same volume.

    Due to the inverse (reverse) of Russian gas deliveries from a number of European countries, Ukraine is trying to compensate for the lack of fuel. With the deficit the country has faced once in June, Gazprom reduced gas supplies to Ukraine due to the fact that Kyiv refused to repay debts for already delivered fuel.

    In turn, the Russian side, including President Vladimir Putin, has repeatedly called delivery in reverse mode "virtual", meaning that the gas simply does not reach the respective countries, staying in Ukraine.


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