• The required fee is not charged with 99 percent imported to Russia parcels

  • Established by applicable regulations of the customs duty in 2013 was levied only 0.26 per cent imported to Russia from abroad parcels. This is stated in the materials of the Ministry of economic development with reference to the data of "Mail of Russia" and the Federal customs service (FCS).

    As indicated in the records of the office, "Mail of Russia", in her message, sent over the past year 500 thousand international incoming messages with a declared value in excess of € 1000. According to the applicable requirements, with all these items should be charged customs duty at the rate of 30 percent of the value declared value in excess of € 1000.

    At the same time, the FCS has informed the Ministry that the fees were paid only 1.3 thousand parcels, or 0.26 per cent subject to customs tax. Accordingly, 99,74% foreign parcels fee is not charged.

    Based on these data, the Ministry concludes that in practice, the duty was levied with parcels worth more than 3.5 thousand euros and not more than 1000 euros, as required by applicable government regulation.

    According to the Ministry, these facts indicate "low level administration of customs duties in respect of goods cost more than 1000 euros, arriving by international mail to the address of physical persons".

    In other words, the existing regulations to customs duties almost entirely not executed.

    The Ministry of economic development believes that if the rules of payment of fees at the price of parcels more than 1000 euros, they are almost fully charged, offered by the Ministry of Finance reduced to 150 Euro threshold duty-free import parcels cannot be implemented in practice, and in fact has a declarative character."

    Based on this and other shortcomings of the proposed project changes norms of duty-free imports, the Ministry decided not to support him and bring him back to the Ministry of Finance to finalize.

    In the FCS at the time of publication has not commented on the situation with the collection of fees from foreign parcels.


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