• Police USA caught the fugitive "arrow from Ohio"

  • The police caught escaped from prison of the American teenager Tee Jay lane (T.J. Lane), sentenced to three life terms for the murder of three students in Ohio in 2012. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the statements of the authorities.


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    • 6:17 am on Thursday 29th June 2017  /  Мир
      The President of Brazil has canceled a trip to the G20 summit amid allegations of corruption

      The President of Brazil Michel Temer said an official visit to the G20 summit. The residence of the head of state did not specify the reasons for the decision. The visit was scheduled for July 7-8. According to media reports, revocation can be associated with a major political scandal that erupted around the Temer.

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    • 4:56 am on Thursday 29th June 2017  /  Мир
      Unknown rammed the gates of the residence of the President of Brazil

      Unknown car brought down the fence of the Palacio da Alvorada — official residence of the President of Brazil Michel Temer. The head of state at that time was not there. The attempted invasion of the Palace was made late Wednesday evening, June 28. The guards opened fire on the car when he drove into forbidden territory.

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    • 4:20 am on Thursday 29th June 2017  /  Мир
      The Treasurer of the Vatican was accused of sexual harassment

      Australia was accused of sexual harassment to the head of the Secretariat of the Vatican on economic matters, cardinal George Pell.. This was stated at a press conference in Melbourne the press Secretary of the Victoria police as Shane Patton. The Treasurer should appear before the court on July 18.

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    • 6:35 am on Thursday 29th June 2017  /  Интернет и СМИ
      Netizens were furious from staples for $ 185 Prada

      The network actively discussing the money clip in the form of a paperclip for $ 185 made brand Prada. On Twitter, dozens of users blame the creators of the accessories that they ran out of imagination. Other users willing to spend money, but I'm afraid to clip them will remain.

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    • 5:25 am on Thursday 29th June 2017  /  Спорт
      Grabbing the opponent's Jersey on the football player drove on the field a few meters

      Midfielder Norwegian "Sandefjord" Pau Vicente drove through the field a few meters, holding the shirt of an opponent of tromsø Thomas Olsen. The incident occurred in the match of the 14th round of the Russian championship on football. Vicente trying to foul, lost his balance, but his opponent stopped immediately.

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