• Police USA caught the fugitive "arrow from Ohio"

  • The police caught escaped from prison of the American teenager Tee Jay lane (T.J. Lane), sentenced to three life terms for the murder of three students in Ohio in 2012. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the statements of the authorities.


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    • 9:05 pm on Monday 23rd January 2017  /  Мир
      Italian rescuers ignored the first reports of avalanches in the hotel

      Managers Italian emergency services ignored the first reports of avalanches in the hotel "Rugapiana" in the Italian province of Pescara. As explained in regional administration, at the time the snow melts, dispatchers had to take hundreds of calls from people from different districts asking aid from-for earthquakes.

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    • 8:08 pm on Monday 23rd January 2017  /  Мир
      Rutte urged dissatisfied workers to leave the Netherlands

      The Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte urged to leave the country those who do not share the values of Dutch society. "If you live in the country, the way of life which annoys you, you should leave," — said the politician. According to him, the indigenous population is experiencing a growing discontent because of the behaviour of visitors.

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    • 10:00 pm on Monday 23rd January 2017  /  Спорт
      "Spartak" after talking with the fans a devastating lost to CSKA

      Spartak Moscow lost to CSKA Moscow in the match of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League (KHL). The meeting was held at the Small sports arena "Luzhniki" on Monday and ended with the score 6:1 in favour of CSKA. "Spartak" suffered the ninth defeat in a row.

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    • 9:33 pm on Monday 23rd January 2017  /  Из жизни
      Swallowing goldfish Briton jailed

      The inhabitant of the British County of Devon is jailed on charges of animal cruelty. 27-year-old Cheryl Stevens took video of the moment when his friend and former colleague 24-year-old Daniel Challis swallowed a goldfish. The British claimed that she died of natural causes earlier in the day.

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    • 9:09 pm on Monday 23rd January 2017  /  Интернет и СМИ
      Post to Tumblr blocked for a quote Remarque

      The CPS has blocked the publication of Tumblr, where a blog author quoted a book by Erich Maria Remarque "Three comrades". The record contained a phrase from the works of Remarque, in which life is compared to a disease. The decision to block was made on January 16, and in the register of banned sites page introduced on 20th Jan.

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