• Under EU sanctions have hit the Prime DND and the commander of the airborne assault division

  • The European Union released a list of individuals caught in new sanctions list, published in the Official journal of the EU. Just a list of 24 persons, including the self-proclaimed leader of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the state Duma Svetlana Zhurova, Nikolai Levichev, Ivan Melnikov, Igor Lebedev and Alexander Babakov, as well as the General Director of the state Corporation rostec Sergey Chemezov and the commander of the 76th guards air assault division Alexey Naumets.


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    • 12:32 pm on Friday 24th March 2017  /  Мир
      Le Pen intended to abolish the anti-Russian black lists of the EU

      The candidate in presidents of France from the party "national front" marine Le Pen, who arrived in Moscow at the invitation of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs, called for the abolition of anti-Russian black lists of the European Union. "I have always advocated for the lifting of sanctions that I think are counterproductive," she said.

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    • 11:36 am on Friday 24th March 2017  /  Мир
      The Norwegian appeal court recognised Russians guilty of having links with ISIS

      The appellate court in Oslo upheld the earlier verdict against a citizen of Russia Adam Magomadov. He was accused of having links with terrorist group "Islamic state". In the coming days, the court must decide where the Russian citizen will serve his sentence. Norway can transmit Magomadov Russia.

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    • 1:05 pm on Friday 24th March 2017  /  Ценности
      American designers were invited to sit at the "sea urchin" for 20 thousand dollars

      American company Blackman Cruz Los Angeles, producing furniture and interior items, has introduced a new model of chair. Outwardly, it resembles a huge sea urchin with spines. The chair is made of genuine leather. It already went on sale, the price is 19.5 thousand dollars.

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    • 1:04 pm on Friday 24th March 2017  /  Силовые структуры
      The military will receive the first batch of new Mi-28UB until the end of 2017

      Until the end of 2017, the military will receive the first combat training helicopter Mi-28UB. About it "lente.ru" reported in a press-service of the Corporation "Russian Helicopters". The car has received a duplicate control and is also equipped with nadterechnoi radar that expanded search and attack capabilities of the helicopter.

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    • 12:58 pm on Friday 24th March 2017  /  Бизнес
      Increased sales of gasoline "Rosneft" on the stock exchange in St. Petersburg

      Sales of gasoline Rosneft at the St. Petersburg international Mercantile exchange as of 23 March 2017 made 294,5 thousand tons. This is a 10 per cent increase in sales volumes of gasoline "Rosneft" and "Bashneft" for the month of March last year. Exchange sales in January-February amounted to 657,7 thousand tons.

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