• The Pistorius was found guilty of manslaughter

  • Six-time Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius found guilty of unintentional killing of his girlfriend Riva Stenkamp, which occurred on February 14, 2013. This was stated by the judge of the Supreme court of Pretoria Tokozile Masipa, reports Reuters.

    27-year-old athlete faces up to 15 years in prison.


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      Police identified the attacker as the Swiss chainsaw men

      Police in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen has established the identity of the man who on Monday morning, attacked the locals with a chainsaw. He was attacked by a 51-year-old homeless Frank Brosis. Last week, the man lived in the woods near the town. Local residents reported that Brosis sometimes behaved aggressively.

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      Two people died as a result of accidents with pedestrians in the United States

      Two people died as a result of the collision of a car into a group of people in the us city of Alcester located in South Dakota. The incident occurred near the town's rehabilitation center. Eight people, including the driver of the vehicle suffered. The police did not consider the impact on people's intentional.

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      The network has accused the organizers of Phelps swim against the sharks in cheating

      Twitter users accused the organizers swim the 23-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps against a white shark in a lie. The reason for the discontent of users was the fact that American competed only with computer simulations of the predator in the show, Shark Week on the Discovery channel.

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