• The Pistorius would remain free until sentencing

  • 27-year-old Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius will remain released on bail pending sentencing. This was stated by the judge of the Supreme court of Pretoria Tokozile Masipa, reports Reuters. The verdict on the murder of model Riva Stenkamp will be announced on October 13.

    Previously athlete was found guilty of causing his friend's death by negligence. The Pistorius could face up to 15 years imprisonment.

    The announcement of the verdict in the case of the athlete began on Thursday, September 11. The judge Thokozile Masipa stated that the prosecution failed to provide evidence that the suspect intentionally shot Riva Stenkamp.

    "He acted quickly, and began to call for help, dial 911, called my friend, and security. He tried to lead Stenkamp in a sense. Asked for help from a friend of the doctor. From this we can conclude that he didn't really know who is behind the door. The prosecution failed to prove the premeditation of the murder. They failed to prove that the accused had the intention to kill the woman," said Tokozile Masipa.

    Earlier in the month Pistorius underwent a psychiatric examination, which revealed that at the time of the murder he was sane. However, according to doctors, Paralympic suffers from General anxiety disorder. That's why his reaction to danger can be unpredictable. After the death of a model athlete became depressed.

    In order to cover the costs of lawyers, Pistorius sold the house, which was shot Stenkamp, 315 thousand euros.

    On Valentine's Day in 2013, the model was found in a latrine in the house of the athlete in Pretoria with gunshot wounds. Protection of Paralympic insists that the murder was due to a tragic accident and sportsman shot, assuming that the house robber.


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