• The first British transport A400M was named in honor of Bristol

  • The Royal air force gave its first military transport aircraft A400M the name of the City of Bristol in honor of the city of Bristol, said in the British Ministry of defence. The reason for this was the wide participation of enterprises of Bristol in the design and manufacture of the aircraft. In particular, the wing Transporter was developed by Bristol design Bureau of Airbus. The ceremony of naming the first British A400M took place on 9 February 2015.

    Among other Bristol enterprises involved in the development of the A400M, the UK Ministry of defence calls a Rolls-Royce, GKN Aerospace, and Atkins. According to the British military, thanks to the A400M project in Bristol have created a total of 900 new jobs. In addition, for the training of specialists, which were later involved in the development of the A400M, the city conducted a refresher course.

    Britain got the City of Bristol in November 2014. In total, the Ministry of defence has ordered 22 new Transporter, which will replace the old C-130 Hercules. Do you plan to assign a name to each new aircraft, the UK Ministry of defence does not specify.


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