• The organizer of the action on the Stalinist skyscraper declared in the international search

  • Ukrainian refer Pavel Ushivez, known as Gregory Mustang Wanted, declared the law enforcement bodies of Russia on the international wanted list on charges of vandalism on the spire of the Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow. It is reported in Thursday, September 11, "Interfax" with reference to the lawyer of the other person involved in the case of Alexander Pogrebova.

    "According to the materials of the case, the investigation to date, seven of the accused. Paul Usutu was charged in absentia, he declared internationally wanted," said the lawyer. Wine rufer, according to her, was established by the investigation, he was charged with vandalism and hooliganism.

    The accused, he added, was also one of the witnesses Cyril Ishutin. At the same time, expertise, she said, proved the innocence of the first four detainees in the case.

    August 20, unknown posted Ukrainian flag on the tall spire of the house on Kotelnicheskaya embankment. Get on the spire towers also managed to paint the star that tops the building in blue color. Thus, it acquired the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Currently, the star returned to its original form.

    Four suspects in the case - Alexei Shirokogof, Alexander Cellars, Evgenia Korotkova and Anna lepyoshkina - arrested and placed under house arrest until October 19. They were charged under two articles of the "Vandalism" and "Hooliganism". Meanwhile, Metropolitan police checks also the statements of the Ukrainian rufer nicknamed Mustang about his involvement in painting the stars.

    Later it became known that the Tver court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of the sixth probable participant painting stars - Cyril Ishutin. In addition, he is suspected of illegal possession of drugs. The decision of the judge, he will spend in jail for two months.

    August 28, Tagansky court of Moscow arrested one more person involved in the case - 19-year-old resident of St. Petersburg Vladimir Podrezova. He was also accused of hooliganism and vandalism.


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