• Olympic champion Gurovo made to the sanctions list of the EU

  • Olympic champion 2006 speed skating, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Svetlana Zhurova incorporated into new sanctions the EU list, which was released on Friday, September 12. This was reported by the official journal of the organization.

    Chairman of the State Duma Committee on physical culture, sports and youth Affairs Igor Ananskih in an interview with ITAR-TASS he called the decision to include Gurovo to the sanctions list of the European Union absurd.

    "I'm surprised and disappointed by this decision of officials of the European Union, which can be described as absurd. People who are engaged in the formation of such lists, approach this matter very lightly, and for a long time already mixed policy with life. See this act, only the blind ambition of the EU to sting Russia sick," said Ananskih.

    In addition Zhurova, the list included 23 people, including prominent Russian politicians and businessmen. All of them denied entry to the EU, and their assets, if such are detected in European banks, are subject to freezing.

    Zhurova is a two-time world champion in speed skating at the distance of 500 meters and multiple sprint (1996, 2006). She also became triple silver (1998, 1999, 2000) and bronze (2001) winner of the world Championships.


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