• The new missile will increase twice the range complex 400

  • The Russian defense Ministry has tested a new missile for anti-aircraft missile system s-400. This was announced on Saturday, April 4, in the air, "Russian news service" Deputy commander of the aerospace defense major General Kirill Makarov. His word transfers TASS.

    The new missile will increase the range of the complex by almost half. "With the adoption of the new missile, which is currently undergoing the tests, the range s-400 will be up to 400 kilometers," the General said. He said that in the current configuration the system is able to hit a target at a distance of 250 kilometers.

    During the test, the missile was launched almost full flight range and successfully hit the target.

    Anti-aircraft missile system s-400 (Russian classification - "Triumph", by NATO classification - SA-21 Growler, that is "Grumpy") adopted in 2007. Currently in Russia deployed 19 divisions of these machines (152 launchers).

    "Triumph - rocket system large and medium-range. Designed for the destruction of all present and future means of air and space attacks, including technology stealth (invisible). The complex is able to shoot down missiles, including tactical and ballistic, all types of planes, including hypersonic.

    Possible parallel to the firing of a single set of 36 goals (72 missiles - two on goal). The system can simultaneously use different types of missiles-missiles that allows you to build any configuration of defence.


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