• Nigeria proposed attack helicopters and ground attack aircraft

  • The command of the air force Nigeria has received a proposal for the delivery of six heavily armed helicopters SA330 Puma, four attack aircraft su-25KM and two modernized su-25UB. As reported Jane's, a proposal was made by a certain company whose name is not disclosed. The proposal for the supply of equipment was made shortly after the U.S. forbade Israel to sell Nigeria attack helicopters AH-1V Cobra.

    A preliminary agreement with the command of the Nigerian air force on delivery of equipment has already been achieved, however, the transaction must approve the government. Meanwhile, according to the newspaper The Nation, the Ministry of defence of Nigeria has received proposals for the supply of military aviation technology from companies from France, Italy, Israel, Russia and South Africa. Potential transactions with these enterprises, the list of which is also not disclosed, also studied the Nigerian military.

    Officially, the Ministry of defence of Nigeria announced that war was preferable to buy a few new attack helicopters AW129 Mangusta than secondhand Puma helicopters and su-25 attack aircraft. According to Jane's, the only transport helicopters Puma, converted into man-machine support, are former Romanian SA330. Their conversion was made by the SOCAT program.

    Former Romanian converted Puma are armed with one gun caliber 20 mm in the bow and has a suspension points for Spike anti-tank missiles and launchers containers rockets. Conversion of helicopters was carried out in 2000-2005, with the participation of the Israeli company Elbit Systems. The same company later participated in the modernization of the Georgian su-25 to the version of the su-25KM at the Tbilisi aviation plant.

    Earlier, Nigeria planned to buy in Israel a number of attack helicopters Cobra American production. In a potential contract value of 466,5 million dollars was planned to include the supply of spare parts and training of pilots. Presumably, the United States imposed the ban because of the fighting in Nigeria between government troops and militants of the Islamist organization Boko Haram.


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