Next week in Cardiff summit will be held, where participants have to overcome disagreements within the Alliance and agree on plans for the deployment of new forces on the borders of Russia.

The Secretary General also spoke about the measures aimed at improving security of Ukraine. The Alliance intends to contribute to the modernization of its armed forces to help Kiev "to confront the threat from Moscow.

Rasmussen said: "We will take what we call the action plan, the purpose of which is the ability to act quickly completely new security environment in Europe."

According to him, for the implementation of this plan will require investment in infrastructure, materials, equipment. The Secretary General stressed that in the future, NATO's presence in the East will become "more visible".

As the deployment of the Ukrainian crisis, Poland and the three Baltic States were alarmed by the threat from Russia demanded the strengthening of the NATO presence in the region.

However, the issue of standing of the Eastern European NATO bases within the Alliance there is no unity. The French, Italians and Spaniards against the initiative, while the Americans and British support requirements of the countries of Eastern Europe. According to sources, during the summit will likely be worked out a formula that will allow you to avoid the term "constant" in relation to new databases.

"This can be on a rotational basis, with a very high frequency," explained Rasmussen. "The fact that any potential aggressor should know: even if he only thinks about the attack on a NATO ally, he will meet not only with soldiers from that particular country, he will meet with troops and NATO," he warned.

Earlier it was reported that the NATO summit in the UK, 4-5 September will take place without representatives of Russia. As noted in the communiqué of the Alliance, "NATO summit will gather at a critical moment in history when global security is becoming more and more unstable, as shown by the actions of Russia in Ukraine".

At the same time, as noted, Moscow hopes to improve relations with NATO's post after post of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has repeatedly accused Russia of aggression against Ukraine, will replace the former Prime Minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg.