• In front of Moscow city hall hung a poster designer Lebedev

  • Opposite the city hall unknown hung poster designer Artemy Lebedev. Poster appeared in Instagram user koteote.

    On the poster written "raped", and the letter "m" is replaced by developed by Lebedev Studio logo metro. Also there is conceived by the designer symbol of Moscow.

    Lebedev had already commented on the incident on his blog. "This is success!", - posted by it.

    Recent work Lebedev Studio was heavily criticized. In particular, the negative reaction to the proposed designer logo metro, which is a red letter "M". Users of Runet with displeasure noted that the new logo is almost no different from the existing one.

    Designers Lebedev Studio participated in the development of branding Metropolitan public transport, and in 2013 provided the formal arrangement of the lines of the Moscow metro. In addition, they participated in developing the concept of the external appearance of Moscow streets.

    September 5, the designer suggested the use of the red star as a logo of Moscow. Many bloggers have reacted negatively to the new symbol, noting its similarity to the logo beer Heineken and other well-known logos. Later in the mayor's office said that as the official symbolism of the logo, which Studio is developing on a grant basis, will not be used.

    The cost of the last works Lebedev Studio is not disclosed. In the past, it was repeatedly accused of unreasonable rates. So, in 2013, the Studio has developed a design concept outdoor signs for 49 stations of the Moscow metro. The cost of the project, according to the newspaper "Izvestia", amounted to 117 million rubles.


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