• Ukraine will be eliminated battalion Shakhtersk"

  • Ukraine will be eliminated volunteer battalion "Shakhtersk", took part in the fighting in the East. This is stated in the plot channel "TVI".

    According to the channel, which refers to the soldiers of the division, the order to disband already signed. Representatives of the battalion, as noted, stated that "ready to fight for Ukraine and beyond".

    On what basis is liquidated "Shakhtersk", "TBI" is not specified.

    On disbandment of the battalion reported and the website Ternopil, also obtained information from representatives of the departments (some of them, as noted, are from Ternopil). He also noted that the soldiers dissatisfied with this decision. "We fought on the front lines defending their land, their home, freeing the Ukrainian city of separatists, and here so just want our battalion to disband," they say.

    The commander of one of the hundreds of "Shakhtersk" Dmitry Linko to which journalists were asked for comments, said that part of the battalion will be transferred to the National guard. As he said, "this is done in order to better arm, machardie have more weapons and military equipment".

    Previously, meanwhile, commander of Shakhtersk" Ruslan Onishchenko stated, that his fighters themselves are dissatisfied with the current status, ready to leave the unit and to participate in the liberation of their territory." "Because to do so in the battalion awkward, silly, and we just throw as pieces of meat in a meat grinder. This makes no sense, and people see it, and don't want to be slaughter cattle," said he.

    Battalion Shakhtersk" was created in June. It was reported that it was formed mainly from residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The unit, according to information "Browser", assisted administration of Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as the MP, leader of the Radical party of Oleh Liashko.


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