• Alaska has cancelled military exercises with Russia

  • USA and Canada has cancelled joint military exercises with Russia in Alaska because of the Ukrainian conflict. This was announced on Thursday, September 11, newspaper Fairbanks Daily News-Miner with reference to the representative of the United command of the aerospace defense of North America (NORAD) Charles Marsh.

    The two-day exercise "Vigilant eagle" (Vigilant Eagle), which were to be held in August in anchorage with the participation of representatives of the self-defense forces of Japan, were cancelled by decision of the Pentagon leadership and the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper. The NORAD representative Ruth Castro reported RIA Novosti, that the preliminary decision to cancel the exercise was taken in March of joining Russia in the Crimea.

    The annual exercise "Vigilant eagle" have been held since 2006. Exercises consist of two cycles: one year involved in the combat aircraft, the following year held command and staff and computer exercises. In 2013, the parties worked out the action in the air support aircraft, conventionally captured by terrorists.


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