• MIA stood up for the Mustang

  • Adviser to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko stood up for rufer, known as Gregory Mustang Wanted. "The Paul Uchiza and all his fans want to calm down - we our Mustang Russia will not give up!", - wrote Gerashchenko Facebook.

    "Our Constitution - Art. 25 explicitly prohibits the issue for the trial of citizens of Ukraine. The same way as the Constitution of Russia," he said. According to Gerashchenko, Mustang declared Russia on the international wanted list through Interpol, and the interstate - only in the framework of the CIS.

    Advisor Arsen Avakov called rufer "Hero of Ukraine" and said that the Mustang was going to change the name so that "they became the throat in Russia and Ukrainians were inspired by the "new achievements". This Gerashchenko promised to help him.

    on 11 September at the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia ITAR-TASS reported that Ushivez declared internationally wanted.

    on August 20, several people posted the Ukrainian flag on the tall spire of the house on Kotelnicheskaya embankment and painted the star that tops the building, a blue, and then she got the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Four suspects in the case are under house arrest, the accused were charged under articles "Vandalism" and "Hooliganism". Later under arrest sent two more suspects. Initially initiated a criminal case on charges of vandalism, then reclassified as hooliganism. August 22, Mustang spread through the social network message, which has claimed responsibility for the incident.


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