• Morgan Freeman will star in "Ben-Hur" Timur Bekmambetov

  • Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman will star in a new film adaptation of the classical novel by Lew Wallace Ben-Hur: the story of the Christ", which intends to deliver Russian Director Timur Bekmambetov. The premiere is scheduled for February 26, 2016, reports Deadline.

    Freeman became the first officially confirmed a member of the project. Previously, the main role in the band was offered the actor That Hiddleston (Thor, Avengers), but MGM and Paramount has not yet announced his participation.

    As explained by the edition, Freeman will play the mentor of the main character. On the script, "Ben-Hur" is the winner of the award "Oscar" John Ridley ("12 years of slavery"). A new adaptation of the novel Wallace can be a very big band, based on the Bible story.

    The novel "Ben-Hur" was published in 1880. In the book, the action takes place in the beginning of the first century of our era, and the plot is based around the Jewish Prince Judah Ben-Hur. Because of the betrayal of a friend, he becomes a slave in the Roman galleys, but circumstances eventually lead him into the house of a Roman nobleman. Ben-Hur gets the opportunity to return to their homeland, revenge and find a missing sisters and mother. A parallel storyline about Jesus Christ, who was preached at this time in Judea.

    In 1899 for "Ben-Guru" on Broadway, appeared the same play, then there have been several film adaptations. The most successful is the film 1959 with Charlton Heston in the title role. For the first time in the history of cinema, the film won eleven awards "Oscar".


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