• The Russian foreign Ministry accused Brussels in aggravation of relations

  • The EU's decision to impose new sanctions against Russia suggests that Brussels has set a course for the further aggravation of relations with Moscow. This is stated in the official statement THE RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY.

    "Now, when you went to the fragile peace process in Ukraine, began the exchange of prisoners, when seemingly all the power you need to redirect from the accumulation of mutual accusations and sanctions escalation to promote the search for ways out of the domestic conflict, such steps seem particularly inappropriate and short-sighted," said the Russian foreign Ministry.

    The actions of the EU, according to diplomats, "devoid of logic and common sense", as Brussels introduces new restrictive measures, in parallel pondering over the full lifting of sanctions. "These new anti-sanctions also will not remain without reaction from our side," he assured on Smolensk square.

    On Friday come into force new sanctions against Russia the European Union. Brussels intends to restrict access to the capital market of the EU for three Russian defense enterprises and three energy companies. The new package of sanctions will be imposed against major Russian state-owned banks, as well as a 24 physical violence. Measures will not affect the gas sector.


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